• No one likes a parasite »

    June 28, 2016- 3:45pm

    It’s very difficult to care about a parasite, or any species which is objectively ugly for that matter, in appearance or behaviour. The

  • Robert Kortgaard & Peter Tiefenbach — duo pianists »

    June 28, 2016- 3:47pm

    As two of Canada’s most accomplished and virtuosic musicians, Kortgaard and Tiefenbach have been amazing concert and broadcast audiences across the country for

  • Finding your inspiration »

    June 28, 2016- 3:48pm

    We live in such a beautiful part of Nova Scotia, Canada, and even the world, that it’s difficult to understand sometimes why a

  • Staying fit all year long »

    June 28, 2016- 3:45pm

    Many people find it easier to maintain their beach bodies during summer than they do throughout the rest of the year. Summer weather

  • Your complete guide to hybrid bicycles »

    June 22, 2016- 3:37pm

    We meet many customers in our shop who say: “I’d like to get a bike and my friend suggests a hybrid.”

    That comment

  • Why am I so tired? »

    June 22, 2016- 3:47pm

    There are many reasons why a person can feel tired, tuckered out or exhausted. Although having low energy is a common problem it

  • Up, up and away »

    June 22, 2016- 3:34pm

    Versatile and fast growing, annual vines are an economical and easy solution to a number of landscaping challenges, so it’s surprising they aren’t

  • The problem with hard water »

    June 14, 2016- 11:30am

    Home ownership opens people’s eyes to many new experiences, even requiring homeowners to familiarize themselves with certain things they never encountered as renters.

  • Creative ideas for kids’ gifts »

    June 14, 2016- 11:30am

    Oh, what can Gramma find to give the kids who have everything?

    Thankfully my grandchildren are more than well provided for but this

  • Driven: 2016 Ford C-Max hybrid »

    June 28, 2016- 3:56pm

    Low fuel prices have lessened the desire of most consumers to seek out more fuel-efficient vehicles. But summer is almost upon us and

  • Driven: 2016 Kia Optima SXL »

    June 22, 2016- 3:46pm

    The second-generation Kia Optima launched recently, and the all-new-from-the-frame-up re-do of the original advances on all fronts, once again taking a place as

  • Driven: 2016 VW Golf R »

    June 14, 2016- 11:29am

    Volkswagen invented the hot hatch category way back in 1983 with the arrival of the MK1 GTi.

    That 90-horsepower, five-door was the start

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